What is the Process?

  • Initial consultation in the client’s home.
  • Execution of a design agreement outlining the scope of work and cost estimate.
  • Measurement of the existing space, drafting the existing plan.
  • Space planning to determine the optimum design and layout. Several alternatives may be presented to the client.
  • Regular meetings with the client to discuss and refine the plan.
  • Finalize the floorplan, draft elevations, electrical and lighting plans, tile plans and create perspectives. If required, create a countertop plan for the fabricator.
  • Depending on the client’s needs, either source and specify fixtures and finishes, shop with the client, or approve of the client’s selections.
  • Prepare a spreadsheet for the contractor and client containing specifications for all of the materials and finishes.
  • Meet with the contractor, cabinet supplier, tile installer, fabricator as needed before and during the construction phase to ensure that the design is executed properly and to work out any issues that may arise.